Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome to Petite Silhouettes blog supporting Petite Models

Hi and welcome to everyone reading this post.
My name is Anya and I decided to create a blog that would focus mainly on (but not limited to) models that are classed as "petite", i.e. starting from about 4"9' and up to 5"5'. There is a lot of info and resources for models who have the height required by modeling industry, but I couldn't find anything that would support petite girls in any way who aspire to do modeling.
Everyone who aspires to be a model (even tall girls) have to be realistic about the chance of successful career as a model, especially on a large scale like runway or being a face of a cosmetic brand.
When an aspiring petite model asked on the Model Mayhem forum : "I'm 5"1'. Is there any chance of me becoming a successful model?" The responses she got ranged from blunt "Forget about it, unless you want to do porn or glamour" to ones like "Kate Moss is short for a runway model, but she's successful" and "There are always exceptions".
Model Industrielle (she's 4"9' by the way) from Model Mayhem site summed it up very nicely, it was the coolest and most sensible out all the responses to the above:

"Runway - unavailable,
Photographic modeling - available
Art modeling - available
Desk job - also available
Life - goes on"

I laughed when I read it - so simple but so true! Bravo, Industrielle! People should check her profile on Model Mahem, she's incredible!
To me - modeling is a hobby, a fun thing to do, it's my creative outlet that makes me happy. It's not about earning mega bucks, it's about creative satisfaction from the work you do together with another artist, be it a photographer, body painter, makeup artist etc. Success to me in this case is when a photographer chooses to work with me (regardless of my height), simply because he/she believes in me. When I hear from a photographer :"We nailed it!" during or after a shoot, it's very rewarding. TFP work can be great with a great photographer, perfect for adding to your portfolio. When I get paid for a shoot, it's also very special to me.
So, if anyone out of petite models out there would like to share their success stories, or discuss anything in particular, feel free to post your thoughts on the matter.
Cheers and best of luck to models and photographers alike!


  1. Very exciting venture Anya. Look forward to reading more posts.

  2. Thank you, Bryan, for your support and advice!