Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All hail to Body Painters!

Although petite models are considered unsuitable for the runway, high fashion and quite a bit of commercial work, too, the art side of modelling doesn't have specific height requirements and therefore is available to us, petite girls, for exploring and enjoying it; that makes me very happy.
I personally love the work of Carmel McCormick and also Yolanda Bartram (who is from BodyFX), they are awesome artists!
Anyway, I was kind of shocked today to find this piece of news:


You can see the actual ads here:


Luckily, the great majority of Kiwis in on-line poll voted for this kind of advertising, stating that it was very well done and reflected good Kiwi humour. Naturally, I voted for that, too. It was done tastefully and is not offensive. I actually saw this add many times on the back of the bus, but didn't realised until recently that the pilot pictured had only his black shoes and hat on out of clothing items, the rest was body paint.
Body Painting is an ancient and truly amazing art, and I hope to take part in it one day as a model.


  1. There are a remarkable number of narrowminded biggots in the world...

  2. Im a bodypaint model and agree that it is a much kinder industry to us petite people than others!

    I have had the privilege of working with Yo and her Mum Nicole, if your interested have a go!!!